Welcome to Crystal Spiral

Makers of Fine Wands for more than 10 Incarnations

About Crystal Spiral

Crystal Spiral is a very real place.

We do not simply import cheap imitation wands from overseas, every item is handmade, by trained technicians and long time practitioners. While the actual location of our facilities is a closely guarded secret, we do actually exist.

The precise location must remain a secret to protect our associates from distracting outside influences and also to protect our sources of appropriate – and sometimes rare – materials and equipment. We maintain a stable, safe and neutral place in order to produce products that are completely reliable.

 Here you can see some pictures of our wand production area and below you can see a small part of our electronics and research facility. You may find it interesting to know the wand area uses “technologies” that are hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years old and in contrast,  the electronics research and assembly facility contains the latest and greatest “hi-tech” equipment.

We make every wand by hand and assemble each electronic device one at a time. Everything is tested and certified. 

As a result, you can always be sure that every product released by Crystal is completely reliable and of the highest quality.

We also maintain an extensive research library and archive. It contains almost 10,000 volumes but it is not pictured here. Many of the books are rare, and some are quite valuable and some of the items we store do not like to have their pictures taken.

Description of graphic.Crystal Spiral is a very old operation. Even the current associates are not certain of many details of our history and how long these very special wands have been produced.

Some records indicate a history of several thousand years, but we cannot confirm any actual dates. Several times the operation was forced to shut down during periods of extreme unrest. During these times some records were lost.  

The current operation has been running for more than 59 years and we do have accurate records dating back to at least 1953. These records contain some very interesting information, but again to protect the privacy of our associates, these records are only available to a select few people.