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Crystal Spiral - producing real magic wands

All of our wands are one-of-a-kind, handmade magical instruments. These wands were gathered and manufactured by traditional methods – methods that date back thousands of years.

While professional ethics prevent us from revealing anything about any of our customers, allegedly, Crystal Spiral wands have been in the hands of practitioners throughout history.

It has been said that Crystal Spiral wands were held by Leonardo deVinci, Nostradamus, and Charles Bacon among others, but of course we cannot confirm or deny these rumors.


One of a kind - Handmade magical instruments

It can take up to 3 lunar periods to complete the manufacturing process and ritual cycle. We have been producing wands for a very long time, under ideal conditions.

The material is harvested by trained sensitives and finished by skilled technicians.

Our technicians possess the skills, both traditional and occult, to produce the highest quality devices available anywhere. 


Crystal Spiral uses only the finest materials

There are many ways to make a magic wand. At the end, the device is very personal. Different materials possess different inclinations and the quality of the material further refines the wand's abilities.

The actual abilities and the user's belief system are the last word in the selection and power of any wand. Time and experience have demonstrated the "tendencies" of various materials, but the ancient authorities know what they are doing.

Check the Wand Lore information on this website, but rest assured we use only the finest, untainted materials in every device.

You can choose, with confidence, any wand that speaks to you.