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Recharge your wand

StrengthOver time, a wand can lose its charge, and lose its effectiveness. When this occurs there are several things you can do.

The traditional method is to hold the wand in both hands and send energy from your hands and body directly into the wand. Visualize the filling with a dazzling white light. Continue to focus until the wand feels full.

However, you may find that charging a wand in this manner drains your personal energy. Wands can act as sponges and wands can be a bit demanding. When this “traditional” method is used correctly, you may find your entire personal life force is weakened for several days.

Technology to the Rescue

We live in an age of technology, even if  the olds ways are best. However, some times the new ways are actually improvements (I would be lost without my calculator).

At Crystal Spiral, we have developed a device that can recharge your wand from surrounding energy. After all, energy is energy. Simply pace your wand within the field of the device and let it work.

After a few minutes, you wand will be fully charged with pure distilled Energy.

This device is available only from Crystal Spiral. Check the Accessories page for more information.