Welcome to Crystal Spiral

Makers of Fine Wands for more than 10 Incarnations

Other Services

We provide, or have access to, several other special services.

Tarot Readings

Expert readings, by appointment, in the St. Charles Missouri area.
Call 314-374-6102 for more information.


E-mail to the departed

We have assembled a powerful group of Mediums – People that are able to communicate with the other side.

This is a rare gift that can be both a blessing and a curse. Now you can write one last email, and with our help, perhaps send that message to someone you love and you miss.

Someone that has moved to the Other Side.
Click here to Contact the other side


Ghost Tours

If you've ever had a paranormal experience, or if you are just curious, join us for a stimulating, intriguing, interactive journey to the other side.

St. Charles Ghost Tours
Saint Charles MO